Monday, July 11, 2005

Tuesday Night Music Club in Sappho can get crowded

Sappho's audienceOK, it's the summer holiday period. So most people are gone to enjoy the sun. But a few weeks ago we had a streak of crowded evenings at Sappho, during our weekly open mic session for singer-songwriters.

Robin Block & Ro HalfhideDuring one of those sessions, we had the luck to be among a couple of professional photographers. Some of them working for papers like the NYT. Here are some pics we got from that special evening.

Thorn & friendsBy the way: did I mention that there will be a digital piano in Sappho from this week on? So if you feel like you can only play your songs on black and white keys, by all means drop by.


Anonymous said...

It looks really good. Can you just turn up and do some songs or do you need advance notice?


Ro Halfhide said...

You can just show up and act like a singer-songwriter. We'll get up to you and invite you to play. You can also contact us by yourself, of course ;)