Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Open Mic Amsterdam Songwriters Guild - Every Tuesday at Backstage Hotel

ASG Tue Open Mic Amsterdam
Tue ASG Open Mic Night

How does it work?
If you want to secure a spot on the list to perform, be there at 7:45PM. 
Do NOT call the BackStage Hotel, that won't work.
Address: Leidsegracht 114, 1016 CT Amsterdam.
Music starts at 8:30PM. 
Fourteen artists, three original songs each.
No covers, no backing tracks!
Sound system on stage.
Plug and play, piano available.
Please tune your guitar in the corridor before you go on.
Enjoy it, have fun, and knock their socks off !
The evening ends at midnight.

The ASG Tue Open Mic at The BackStage Hotel is THE place to be for local, national and international singer-songwriters. 
The Amsterdam Songwriters Guild is a well known and respected collective of songwriters from all skill levels since 2005.

 Founded by Ro Halfhide and Maarten de Mink.
Hosted by Max Vanremmerden.
Video & Photography by ASGfans.

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Sunday, February 08, 2015

De Kleine Komedie 8 februari Case Mayfield's Songwriters Circle

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"De Kleine Komedie houdt van Case Mayfield. Hip is hij. Een begrip is hij. Waar de eigenzinnige singer-songwriter zijn strot roert, maakt hij de tongen los. Passioneel en eigenzinnig. Een latente straatrebel die niet vies is van reuring. De hormonen gieren door zijn liedjes. En Hormone heet zijn eigen label dat het album Another Glorious Battle For The Kingdom lanceerde. In Case Mayfield’s Songwriters Circlecirculeren Yori Swart, Kris Berry, Rina Mushonga, Jesse Koch, Ro Halfhide, Michiel Flamman, Max Vanremmerden en Port Of Call. En Case Mayfield zelf natuurlijk. Een gedenkwaardige avond dus. De Kleine Komedie biedt ruim baan aan het lied. Ook met Mayfield. "

max vanremmerden port of call yori swart

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Amsterdam Songwriters Guild MMXV New Years Reunion Party @ Backstage Hotel

ASG Tuesday Open Mic

New Years Party
January 6th
Backstage Hotel
Celebrating the start of the eleventh season of the
Tuesday Open Mic.