Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Open Mic Amsterdam Songwriters Guild - Every Tuesday at Backstage Hotel

ASG Tue Open Mic Amsterdam
Tue ASG Open Mic Night

How does it work?
If you want to secure a spot on the list to perform, be there at 7:45PM. 
Do NOT call the BackStage Hotel, that won't work.
Address: Leidsegracht 114, 1016 CT Amsterdam.
Music starts at 8:30PM. 
Fourteen artists, three original songs each.
No covers!
Sound system on stage.
Plug and play, piano available.
Please tune your guitar in the corridor before you go on.
Enjoy it, have fun, and knock their socks off !
The evening ends at midnight.

The ASG Tue Open Mic at The BackStage Hotel is THE place to be for local, national and international singer-songwriters. 
The Amsterdam Songwriters Guild is a well known and respected collective of songwriters from all skill levels since 2005.

 Founded by Ro Halfhide and Maarten de Mink.
Hosted by Max Vanremmerden.
Video & Photography by ASGfans.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Acoustic Guitar Project

"A musician is selected by The Acoustic Guitar Project and is provided an acoustic guitar and a handheld recorder. 
That musician has one week to record an original song using only the equipment provided. 
No editing is allowed.

When the musician is finished, they sign the guitar and pass it on to the next musician. When we reach a pre-selected number of musicians, that guitar is retired and there is a concert. "
Check out project #9 to see who participated in the 2014 Amsterdam project . Many familiar faces. 
October 31st there will be a show at the Backstage Hotel by these artists performing their Acoustic Guitar Project songs.


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Deventer Songwriters Gilde visits the ASG Open Mic

October 7th a delegation of the Deventer Songwriters Gilde
will perform at our Tuesday Open Mic
 Amsterdam Songwriters Guild.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

EP: Harold K - Heppeneert

Monday, September 29, 2014

NEW EP: Kashmere Hakim - Hope is He{Art}

1. Dead Man's Sea 
2. #10 Obligations 
3. Sofia 
4. Blackbeard 

Music, Composition and Lyrics by Kashmere Hakim. 
Produced by Mizza Hendrix in Studio Mizza. 

Lead guitar on all tracks by Kashmere Hakim 
Lead vocals on all tracks by Kashmere Hakim 
Extra guitar on Dead Man's Sea / Blackbeard by Mizza Hendrix 
Backing vocals on Dead Man's Sea / Blackbeard by Mizza Hendrix 
Violin on #10 Obligations by Moniek de Leeuw 
Banjo/Tinwhistle on Sofia by Danny Lodder 
Mandoline on Sofia by Merijn Kerkhof 

Official website: www.kashmere.nl