Thursday, July 07, 2005

Impression of the last ASG Sunday matinee before the summer break

These are some sketches of our last ASG Sunday Matinee before the summer break. You can guess which is which, and win a personal serenade from one of our members! That's easy to guarantee... :)

We'll be back in our theater Karthuizer Hof on September 18, with some fresh sun-tanned singer-songwriters and a load of new songs of course!

Quite some people made it to our Karthuizer Hof theater in the unforgiving heat, we were lucky it was quite cool inside the old former church. Marshmallow Joe and Lucky Fonz III brought the most fans, and their music reflects that. Brilliant songs, sporting witty English pop melodies and an American folk attitude. MJ declared he would only play for the Universal Energy from then on, showing the EU logo with reverse lettering. Good to know that the ASG has a hotline with the UE.

Later that evening we played in our beach club Skyline for more than three hours. Not all singer-songwriters showed up, but that was because of our friends at the Railroads who messed up again.

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