Tuesday, December 12, 2017

We have a new openmic

We have a new openmic session! Every Thursday evening, at Via Hostel. We also try to stream every session, so here's the first one!

Below is some info ⬇️

We have a newborn open mic baby!
And the parents are VIA & Amsterdam Songwriters Guild.

If you love to pretend that Thursday is Saturday.
If you are a supporter of creativity.
If you love to make or listen to music.
If you love to drink or you're into food.

Well I think we are your hang out spot on Thursday!
How can we serve you?
Well for starters we will try to give you a bigger stage by streaming your performance live.
We will have some great students DEALS.
Our stage is not only for singer-songwriters.
We want to offer rappers,and DJs etc to have a stage. As long as you created your own lyrics and or music we want to support you.

There is a special parking for performers.
Come and join us and raise this baby into a GIANT !


Don't forget to mark this day: the 28th of December. It's the date of our grand opening!!👉Contact us online for a spot on stage. We will leave some spots open for the 28th.

Come and join our Try outs!

Via& Amsterdam songwriters guild

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