Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our brothers of Tangarine will come to Amsterdam

Tangarine once again hits the theatres with their brand new show Tangarine in stereo. Twin brothers
Sander and Arnout Brinks have been inseperable for 27 years, or more exact: their entire lives. When
both singers perform on stage they more or less become one, complementing each other. But is this
still the case in their everyday life? What will happen between these two musicians when there’s not a
guitar around? Or at breakfast as they browse through the news of the day? Will Arnout explode as he
discovers that Sander let himself get lured into a shakey insurance deal?

You can find out for yourself in their latest theatre production, in which the audience is allowed
a sneak peek into the private lives of the Brinks brothers. While their stories and conversations
add a degree of profundity to this particular show, it is the music that will take center stage on this
evening.Think Simon & Garfunkle meets Neil Young and the Everly Brothers, combined with the
brothers perfectly matched voices.

In 2010 Tangarine were accompagnied bij their ten-part band of ‘Friends’ for their previous tour,
entitled A mystery that binds us all, still. But this time around they are out on their own. Just the two of
them. In stereo, that is.

Here's a clip of the illustrious bros...

plus added a cute pic of the boys...

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Miedemag said...

Het Fijnhout Theater
Lootsstraat 39
1053 NV Ams­ter­dam

Entree €11,00
Aanvang: 20:00 uur

Reserveren via www.tangarine.nl