Monday, December 21, 2009

Year-End List of Amsterdam Songwriters Guild artists

I managed to wrest this list from Max Vanremmerden's hands: the ultimate top 15 of Amsterdam Songwriters Guild (ASG) artists of 2009! Thanx a lot for that, Max.
It represents the most popular ASG artists, as defined by Youtube hits corrected for amount of time that the clip was available. Go indulge!

But first the latest adage of Max Vanremmerden: "Sorry I can't make it to all of your shows!"

1/ Lucky Fonz III
2/ The Secret Love Parade
3/ Case Mayfield
4/ Amarins & Le Gatte Negre
5/ Jordan Reilly
6/ Anne Roos Rosa De Carvalho
7/ Leendert
8/ Reaganesk
9/ Jonfer C. Wolf
10/ Max Vanremmerden
11/ Chinup
12/ Jimmy Pulp
13/ Tessa Nikopoulos
14/ Ro Halfhide
15/ Motel Aurora

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