Saturday, January 05, 2008

We're playing at Noorderslag!

Following the success of several of our friends, like Lucky Fonz III and Leine, Dutch radiostation 3VOOR12 asked us to host a showcase at the Noorderslag festival. Noorderslag is where all the pop music industry meets to celebrate a new year of growing opportunities, or sales slumps - depending on who you talk to.
Everybody wants to play here and only a few are allowed. We were given the rare possibility to choose our own acts! We decided to cram as many artists as we could in half an hour, in a show that is going to surprise and put a smile on everyone's faces! Lucky Fonz III will do the talking, and who will do the singing?
In no particular order:
Halfhide, Reaganesk, Charles Frail, Lake Montgomery, Chinup, Amarins & Le Gatte Negre, The Woodwards and Leine (who won the GPvNL!)

The showcase will start at 1.45 in the 3VOOR12-hall. Noorderslag is already sold out so it's no use to ask yourself where the hell Noorderslag is being held... OK I'll tell you it's Groningen.

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