Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Beatles night coming up at Sappho cafe

This just in:
"The 17th of October there'll be a Beatlesevening. Everyone that wants to play one to 4 or more (depends on how many people are playing) can come and play it. People can sing harmony with each other for the beatles didnt do anything else either and thats what makes music nice innit? to share
Ok, see you there and if u want to play, please let me know by email or phone (and also what song please). If u want to dress up like a Beatle or something else funky feel free haha
Danielle Cornelissen

Where's that at? Cafe Sappho, Vijzelstraat 103 in Amsterdam.

Wanna know what this could lead to? Watch the brilliant video of M-Jo below...

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