Tuesday, June 12, 2007


We @ the ASG love to endorse this... (photo by minifig)

The 20th of June there is a next BEATLES_UNDERCOVER evening in Cafe Sappho. From 21.00 on everyone that can play beatles songs can come up and play.

Here are all beatlesongs...

Let me know which one you want to do. Its not absolutely necessary to let me know and you can change it "as you are standing there" but would be nice for the schedule. Please come in from 21.00 so we can make an order.

Everybody can join each other while you are standing there. Sing harmony together like the Beatles did. Just ask each other.

For the audience, people who want to watch,look and sing along, please do so and bring friends who might like it!!!!!!

See you there and have fun!!

Danielle Cornelissen
Luke Nyman

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