Friday, July 14, 2006

Sappho will host ASG open mic sessions again

pic by Leo ReynoldsAlthough the time at Bax was fun, and we sure feel a lot of gratitude towards them, we always knew it was for a short while. Tonight the Sappho cafe opens its doors again, we're very happy for them. That means we can go back to our base. From July 25 onwards, we'll do the open mic sessions again in the Sappho cafe. We're looking forward to it, anxious how the completely revamped cafe will feel.

However, we will honour our friends at cafe Bax one more time with a session, hopefully one that they will not forget. So, if you're in Amsterdam next Tuesday, please go to cafe Bax at the Ten Katestraat 119 for their last open mic session! Of course, we will continue working with them to bring the best singer-songwriters in their lovely cafe.

(photo by Leo Reynolds)

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