Saturday, January 21, 2006

Larkin Grimm to play for ASG

The request to play for us came a few days ago, and ever since then Larkin Grimm is all over. Her reviews [1] [2] are raving, she plays the Patronaat, dB's and VPRO. Friends of mine are excited that she's coming to our humble open mic session. VPRO's 3VOOR12 has her in the Luisterpaal, so you can now listen to her whole latest record online!
Because of the huge enthousiasm for this skewed folk idol, and above all because she told us she wants to play anywhere, anytime - that's the ASG spirit! - we decided to let her play twice for us.

So, drown yourself in her other-wordly freak folk on Monday the 30th of January, or be lazy and just come to the ASG open mic session for singer-songwriters the day after... she'll be a featured artist then! But if you want all of her music - I've been told she's got a lot of it - be sure to attend Cafe Sappho on Jan 30. More info follows later on, because we're still improvizing a lineup...
The open mic session is free of course, but the Larkin Grimm concert will have to cost you about 4 euros. Even a folky needs to buy train tickets, you know...

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