Friday, November 25, 2005

John Vanderslice, Thanksgiving, Rick Treffers (from Mist) live at Sappho

John Vanderslice in JapanComing Monday the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild and the Amsterdam Underground Collective will organize a very special evening at cafe Sappho. We managed to get John Vanderslice, Thanksgiving and Rick Treffers (of Mist) to play!

When? This Monday, November 28.
Address: cafe Sappho, Vijzelstraat 103 in Amsterdam. Doors will open at 8 PM, entrance is 4 euros.

John Vanderslice is a well-known producer and songwriter out of the States. The leading indie webzine Pitchfork says it like this:
"The amount of care and consideration John Vanderslice puts into the minutia of his records is beyond impressive. Over the course of three solo albums since the dissolution of his band MK Ultra, Vanderslice has proven himself to be not only a skilled songwriter, but one of the most unique, talented and thoughtful producers working in indie rock today." There you have it. John has produced the latest few Mountain Goats records, and is intimate with the band Nada Surf.
On Monday, John Vanderslice will be supporting his latest record Pixel Revolt, which is not for sale in Europe until February next year. So you have to buy it at his show!

Thanksgiving is an aspiring singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon. Thanksgiving is indie-folk at its most basic: a guy and a guitar and songs filled with very subtle emotional lyrics. Thanksgiving is likened to Mt Eerie a lot. That makes sense, as the two will be releasing a double album in the near future, according to webzine Uncommon Folk.

The Dutch band Mist will be represented by Rick Treffers, the singer. Rick is also the driving force behind the Live in the Living concerts, with artists playing acoustic in livingrooms. He'll be performing the Mist songs acoustically at Sappho.
Mist is doing very well abroad, especially in Spain and Latin America. It's about time we Dutchies got to know this great band a bit better as well.


Anonymous said...

Hi I'd love to participate or attend an open mic while I'm there may 10 til 31st...will there be any that you perhaps know of? Thanks ...http://www.royaljones.com

Ro Halfhide said...


We organize open mic sessions for singer-songwriters every Tuesday, in cafe Sappho. Be aware though that in the week of May 16, the bar will be closed.
Hope to see you there!