Friday, October 05, 2007

Third weekly ASG open mic session starting up!

We already organize the weekly sessions at Sappho and 'Skek, and now we can add a third weekly session for singer-songwriters to our list, at the Doelen Cafe in Amsterdam. It starts this Sunday, with Emma Black opening up the session.

Some people in the know refer to it as Cafe Oorlam, because of the neon sign above the door. But that's actually an extinct gin brand...

Every Sunday evening starting at 8 PM, we'll have a featured artist - like in 'Skek - and from 9 PM onwards there's an open mic session. Except there are no mics. It's a completely acoustic session, there's no wifi and the landlady has no email address...
So if you want to play you have to contact the ASG... that's us.

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